Light Therapy

The BIOMAT  Combines Unique Biotechnology & QUANTUM  Energetics

The BIOMAT Company produces an FDA approved  State of the art light technology which can reverse degenerative disease cycles while enhancing cellular renewal.  The Tri Synergy of its components includes: Far Infrared Rays; Negative Ions; Amethyst Quartz with 17 layers of pure amethyst overlaying kuarare superfiber, slik, cotton and ceramics.

Indications for use of the BIOMAT as stated by the FDA As a medical device, the Biomat is indicated for:  the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis;  the temporary relief of muscle spasms; minor sprains and strains; and minor muscular pain;  the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

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1.  Far Infrared Rays which are nature’s invisible Light.  This was discovered by Nasa to be the safest and most beneficial natural lightwave.  According to Dr. Tashiko Yamazaki, MD “Far Infrared waves have the ability to remove toxins, which are often at the core of many health problems.”  The benefits include :  Reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow; Increases blood flow of the micro-circulatory system.  It’s shown to destroy cancer and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells.  It stimulates healthy molecular vibration with life-sustaining enzyme activity.  Its found to penetrate 6-8 inches into innermost recesses of the body.

2.  Negative Ions are Nature’s Energizer.  These are naturally created, fast moving ion particles that cleanse and purify the air we breathe.  They are found in the highest levels in the most lush rain forests and the most organic aspects of nature such as waterfalls and oceans.  The lowest amounts are indoors or polluted areas.  Imbuing oneself in this energy provides  molecular benefits that can help to alleviate allergies, migraines and sinus issues.  These negative ions are a power source that can activate the body’s cellular communication system,  increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in a more tranquil state of mind with a  more energized spirit.  Also contributing to improved neurological function.

3.  Amethyst Quartz  Crystals are Nature’s Super Conductor which have been scientifically found to offer a powerful, dependable and flowing delivery system for the far infrared light-waves  with a very high vibrational frequency that can enhance detoxification on a cellular level thereby benefiting respiratory, digestive and cellular forms of dis-ease..  This creates a powerful tool for healing as it  naturally strengthens and benefits the immune and endocrine systems all the while supporting and regulating hormonal functions. .

Primary Benefits  include: . Relieves Pain and Joint Stiffness  .Reduces Stress  .Increases Blood Circulation  .Boosts the Immune System  .Decreases Hyperactivity .Burns Calories and Controls Weight  .Strengthens Cardiovascular System  .Removes Wastes and Toxins  .Rejuvenates Skin and Cellular Functioning  .Boosts Energy and Vitality  .Induces Deep Delta State of Relaxation  .Regulates Psychological Well Being

DREAM SPA is another example of an innovative biophotonic technology offered at OHA.  Biophotonics denotes a combination of biology and photonics.  This convergence includes the generation, emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, detection and sensing of light with the biology of life sciences.   Quantum-like particles of light, instead of electrons are used to transmit, process, and store information.  Presently, biophotonics is widely regarded as the key science upon which the next generation of clinical tools and biomedical research instrumentation will be based.

The Dream Spa is a bi-photon light source that offers an amazing life enhancing experience.  You can relax, refresh and renew with advanced photon energy.  Scientifically, light is a nutrient to the human body.  Similar to vitamin D which is called the sunshine vitamin, as humans we also photosynthesize light into energy just as plants do.

Benefits of a 25 minute session in the Dreamspa include:

Profound Stress Reduction
Improved Sleep
Increased Energy
Enhanced Mood
Anti-Aging Facial
Pain Reduction
Hair, Scalp & Hand Rejuvenation